Anonymous: Anne didn't blindside adam... He said himself that the breakup was a mutual decision and they still care about each other. He said that they were still in love but had to break up because they never saw each other and he didn't want to hold her back. These were words from adam himself so they are actually true. Adam didn't break up with her because she was a famewhore.


I never said that he broke up with her because of that. I said she was a famewhore… And I know a lot of people agree with me on that. And we all must have heard different stories cause this is what I heard in People Magazine, so…

They were still perfect together. Aaaah! Who cares what happened!? It ended but it still happened. They were beautiful together. She did love the camera a bit too much though lol



Who can recommend some Adam Levine / maroon 5 blogs for me to follow? Must post 90% on topic. I need to go on a follow spree.


Just to go off  blog topic for a moment… this is perfect!

thanks for reminding me why i love you, adam

#albuM5 (x)